Labor Relations


Washoe County has 11 labor units representing employees in the workforce. The Labor Relations Division of Human Resources is responsible for:
  • Negotiating contracts between the County and the Labor Units
  • Maintaining positive Management-Labor relations between the County and its employees
  • Providing support for departments to resolve employee conflict
  • Representing the County in grievance and arbitration hearings
  • Interpreting contract language  
  • NRS 288 - Recognition of and Negotiation with Employee Organizations 

Labor Associations


The Washoe County Employees Association represents both supervisory and non-supervisory employees.

Justin Norton     President

Don Gil   Labor Representative

Phone:     775 329-9750

Fax:         775 329-1724


WCEA Non-Supervisory Contract 2022-2024

WCEA Supervisory Contract 2022-2024

WCEA Job Families


The Washoe County Sheriff's Deputies Association represents non-supervisory Sheriff Deputies.

Jason Lesher          President

Phone:        775 221-7475

Richard Spaulding     Operations Vice President

Brett Seegmiller     Detention Vice President


WCSDA Non-Supervisory Contract 2022-2024

WCSDA Twelve Hour Workday Agreement 2009

Article 26 Deputy MOU


The Washoe County Sheriff's Supervisory Deputies Association represents supervisory Sheriff Deputies.

Kevin Krush           President 

Cameron Wagner    Vice President

WCSSDA Supervisory Contract 2022-2024


The Washoe County Nurses' Association represents both supervisory and non-supervisory employees in nursing classifications.

Maricruz Schaefer  President

Phone:   775 328-2463

Christine Ballew   Vice-President

Phone:  775 328-6162

WCNA Non-Supervisory Contract 2022-2024

WCNA Supervisory Contract 2022-2024


The Washoe County Public Attorney's Association represents District Attorneys and Public Defenders. 

Jay Slocum     President

Phone:         775 337-4840

WCPAA Contract 2022-2024


The Washoe County District Attorney Investigators' Association represents supervisory and non-supervisory District Attorney Investigators.

Sean McVickers    President

Phone:    775 328-3200

JJ Stallings        Vice President

Phone:    775 321-4322

WCDAIA Non-Supervisory Contract 2022-2024

WCDAIA Supervisory Contract 2022-2024



The Washoe County Alternative Sentencing Officers' Association represents supervisory and non-supervisory Alternative Sentencing Officers'.

Mark Wickman     President

Phone: 775 327-8381

Andrew Sherbondy    Vice President

Phone: 775 327-8381

WCASOA Non-Supervisory Contract 2022-2024

WCASOA Supervisory Contract 2022-2024


   Truckee Meadows Protection District

Collective Bargaining Agreements - Truckee Meadows Fire District (

Washoe County is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a diverse workforce that creates a sense of belonging for all employees and citizens, thereby encouraging persons from all backgrounds and experiences to apply for employment. 


Washoe County will recruit, hire, train and promote into all job levels without regard to race, religion or belief, gender, marital status or domestic partnership, familial status, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, genetic information (GINA), veteran status, political affiliation, membership in an employee association or union or any other protected class under applicable federal or state law.

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