Other Benefits


Washoe County employees receive eleven paid holidays each year.  Eligibility is immediate upon permanent employment with Washoe County.

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

President's Day

Memorial Day

Juneteenth Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Nevada Day

Veteran's Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day after Thanksgiving (Family Day)

Christmas Day

Holiday Calendar 2024


Eligibility for paid vacation begins (6) months from date of employment with Washoe County.  Vacation time is earned on a graduated basis:

0 - 3 Years     96 Hours

3 - 5 Years     136 Hours

5 - 10 Years   152 Hours

10 - 15 Years 176 Hours

15 - 20 Years 192 Hours

20 + Years      200 Hours

   Sick Leave

Eligibility for paid sick leave begins as the leave is accrued from the first day of employment.  Sick Leave is earned on a graduated basis:

 0 - 10 years            1 1/4 working days for each month of full-time services

10 years or more     1 1/2 working days for each month of full-time services  

   Career Incentive/Longevity Pay

Most employees who have completed a total of five (5) years or more of full-time equivalent service and who have been rated standard or better in performance shall earn $100 per year of service up to a maximum annual payment of $3,000 for 30+ years or more of service.  Please check the specific bargaining agreement for more details.

    Merit Increase

Eligible employees receive an annual merit increase of 5% until the maximum salary for the classification is reached. 

 Calm Logo       Calm

Washoe County has partnered with Calm to provide you with tools that can help meditate, relax, focus, and improve sleep.  


BG Club Logo Affordable Daycare Options

Washoe County offers affordable daycare spaces to eligible employess through the Boys and Girls Club/Early Learning Centers.


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