Recruitment and Selection Process


Washoe County operates under a merit system, pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes. A merit system is a means in which competitive examinations are used in the selection process and the most qualified individuals are selected for hire or promotion. A merit system utilizes fair and unbiased recruitment and selection procedures. At Washoe County, best practices in the industry are used to recruit and select the right people in a changing and diverse labor market. The recruitment and selection process is continually streamlined and enhanced with the use of technology and application of best practices in order to meet the needs of County departments as well as the needs of applicants. 

Washoe County offers career opportunities in a variety of occupational areas. For a listing of current jobs, go to our web page for Job Opportunities.

  Quick Tips - Preparing to Apply for a Job Opening at Washoe County  

  Stage 1 - Application Process

A Washoe County employment application form must be submitted for each County position. A separate application is required for each position.  The information you provide about your education and experience will be used to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications (Note: the job description lists qualifications as training and experience requirements) for the position and whether you will be invited to test.

Your application will be screened to determine if you meet the training and experience requirements listed on the job posting. Be sure to provide complete and detailed information regarding your education, training and work experience. No additional information will be accepted after the deadline date.

If it is determined that you do not meet the minimum qualifications for the position, you have 5 working days after you have been notified to contact Human Resources and request a review of your qualifications.

Online Application Process

Job seekers can apply online via Washoe County's online application system. Once you're ready to begin, go to our Job Opportunities page, and click the 'Apply Online' link for the job(s) you are interested in.

For new users, there are 4 steps!

Step 1 - Review Open Positions

  • Review the openings for the position(s) of interest.
  • Each opening will contain additional information linked to the job title.  The job class specification is linked to "Job Description".
  • Read page two of the Job Announcement for important exam information and/or required documentation.
  • Select the "Apply Online" link for the desired position. 
  • You will then be redirected to the Washoe County Online Application logon screen.

Step 2 - Registration

  • Select "Register Now..." on the logon screen.
  • You will be redirected to the New Applicant Registration page where you will be asked to provide a user ID (a way of identifying yourself as a registered user), a password, your name, a valid email address and phone number.
  • Once submitted, select the "Continue" button on the registration screen to proceed to log on and apply for jobs online.

Step 3 - Apply for Jobs Online

  • Log on with your previously created user ID and password.
  • Complete the application providing detailed and thorough information. 

Step 4 - Application Confirmation

  • You will have the opportunity to attach supporting documentation (e.g. resume, etc.) to your online application.  
  • Upon completion and successful submission of your online application, you will be taken to a confirmation page stating, “Congratulations, your application was successfully submitted.”
  • You will have the option to print your completed application.  
  • You will receive an email with your applicant ID number and a confirmation that your application was successful.
  • Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by Human Resources, via the email address you provided, approximately 2 weeks after the closing date for this job posting.

   Stage 2 - Examination Process

If you meet the minimum qualifications and are selected for testing, you will be notified via the email address provided of the date, time and location of the examination for the position. The exam invitation will be sent approximately one week before the exam date, refer to the exam date listed on page two of the job announcement. In the event you are not invited to test, you will receive notification verifying your application status.

If there are more than 5 applicants who meet the Minimum Qualifications (MQs), applicants are invited to participate in an examination process. There are several different kinds of tests or examinations which are used to determine the knowledge, skills and abilities needed. Any one or a combination of tests may be given. Exam information is listed on page two of the announcement. See examples of Exam Types below.

  • Qualified candidates will receive notification of the time and location of the test via the email address that was provided when you registered with the Washoe County online application system.
  • After the exam has been conducted, scores and ranks are calculated. Letters notifying the applicants of their score and rank are emailed.
  • An eligible list, established in accordance with the Washoe County Merit Code, containing top scoring applicants is sent to the hiring department. An applicant invited for a scheduled interview may be asked to participate in a performance demonstration in order to confirm experience in areas required for success on the job. Interviews may be with a single supervisor or manager or a panel of employees from the work group.
  • When the examination is a rating of training and experience, it is important applicants read the additional instructions under the examination before applying.

Exam Types

Written: An examination process (booklet examination) consisting of multiple choice, and/or true-false questions that include specific technical knowledge and job-related questions and situations.

Supplemental Questionnaire: A process to screen candidates based on a pre-determined formula to evaluate education, training and/or experience using the candidate's responses from a supplemental questionnaire. May be used in addition to an oral or written exam.

Training and Experience (T & E) Exam: A process ranking candidates based on a Training and Experience Exam which evaluates the candidate's knowledge, skills, and abilities in an occupational area. Applicants meeting the minimum qualifications for the job will be scored and ranked based on the information they provide on the T & E. This exam is typically due at the time of application, it is found on page three of the job announcement.

Quick Tips for Completing the Training and Experience Exam

Performance Test: An examination process wherein hands-on job simulation is used to measure a candidate's skill and ability to perform actual job duties. This may also include typing and/or data entry tests.

Assessment Center: An examination process which places applicants in work situations directly related to the position for which they are testing. Utilizing up to six assessment center raters, this method is typically used for administrative and management positions. May be used in addition to a written exam.

Special Testing Accommodations Request Form

  Stage 3 - Interview and Selection Process

Successful applicants in the selection process are placed on eligibility lists that may remain active up to 3 years.  The highest ranking candidates are referred to County departments for an interview if there is a position vacancy. Reference checks are conducted on all applicants selected for hire prior to a final offer of employment. Additionally, certain positions also require that a background check be completed prior to a final offer of employment.  The job announcement lists this information when required. 

Our interview and selection process enables both candidates and Washoe County the opportunity to gather the information needed to determine the best fit. We look for individuals who have both the skills required for a position and the commitment to our Vision, Mission and Shared Values.

  • Hiring departments schedule interviews from a list of top scoring candidates. A candidate invited for a scheduled interview may be asked to participate in a performance demonstration in order to confirm experience in areas required for success on the job.
  • Hiring team members will meet to discuss a candidate's qualifications for the open position(s). Interviews may be with a single supervisor or manager or a panel of employees from the work group.
  • The hiring department offers a candidate the job. After a candidate has been hired, other candidates are sent a letter via the email address provided notifying them of their status.
  • All offers of employment are contingent upon completion of a successful background check. Reference checks and background checks, including fingerprinting, are required for all successful candidates. Positions in some departments have access to criminal justice agency systems including NCIC and CJIS. Felony convictions and certain misdemeanors, including gross misdemeanors, will prohibit candidates from employment in those departments. Additionally, certain criminal convictions will disqualify applicants from other positions within the County. Therefore, candidates with convictions may not be eligible to compete or be hired for certain positions in Washoe County.

As an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, Washoe County does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, age, religion, disability or national origin including in employment practices in which it operates, except where specific requirements constitute a bona fide occupational qualification. Disabled individuals requiring accommodation during the application and/or hiring process should notify the recruiting analyst by the filing deadline.

Background Reference Check Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

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