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The Planning and Building Division guides the creation of livable and sustainable communities in unincorporated Washoe County.  The Division prepares and implements the County's Master Plan, to include distinct plans for the varied communities within the County.  The Master Plan is implemented through regulatory zoning, the review of development applications, instituting and enforcing land use, business licensing, and nuisance codes.  The Division is also responsible for providing key support to the Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC) and offers Pre-development Meetings.



Survey #2 - Area Plans is Now Live 
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Washoe County is re-envisioning the County’s approach to growth. EnvisionWashoe2040 is a community driven process aimed at updating the County’s Master Plan and Development Code to focus on the goals, policies, codes, and programs needed for our diverse and dynamic community to thrive in the next ten to twenty years.
Visit EnvisionWashoe2040 to explore, follow, and engage with the Washoe County Master Plan update. 

*NEW* Beginning with the April 8, 2022 intake cycle, most development projects will be required to host a neighborhood meeting prior to application submittal.

The purpose of the neighborhood development meetings is to integrate community feedback into development plans before they are submitted to the County for approval.

CLICK HERE to visit the Washoe County Neighborhood Meeting HUB website.  This HUB site is the primary location for neighborhood meeting info, community input surveys and meeting summaries. Questions about which project types require a neighborhood meeting? CLICK HERE to check out a handy flow chart or contact the Planning Program at Planning@washoecounty.gov or 775-328-6100.

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