Regional Archery Facility

Thanks to your feedback, we have created a Master Plan for the Regional Archery Facility!  To view this plan, click here.

The Regional Archery Facility is a 110 acre property located at 1255 Matterhorn Blvd. in Lemmon Valley set among gentle slopes of junipers with vistas of the Peavine and Carson Range. The facility is open from sunrise to sunset.
To view the facility layout map, click here.
Park Ranger: (775) 785-4512

  • New practice range, 20 yards to 80 yard distances.
  • Field Archery Range, 28 marked yardage bale butt targets linked with a trail system
  • Bow rests provided throughout the range 
  • Picnic pavilions and shade structures - main Turkey Paviliion and field archery Pronghorn Pavilion
  • Work benches
  • Informational kiosk
  • Designated Broadhead pit

For information on league shoots, contact Silver Arrow Bowmen at