Planning & Development


The Park Planning and Development Program supports the creation of a sustainable and connected community by coordinating with partner organizations, agencies and stakeholder groups to develop a regional network of parks, trails, and open space areas. This program collaborates with the public to prepare and update park master plans, as well as scenic corridor, open space, and natural resource management plans. A key component of this program is the identification of funding opportunities, such as grants and bonds, to support park maintenance and ranger activities, acquire and manage critical open space areas, and build out existing parks and trail corridors. This program also coordinates with the Washoe County Planning and Building Division to review development applications within the county for potential cultural, natural, historical and/or recreational resource impacts and to identify opportunities to protect and enhance those resources.  

For more information, please contact:
Park Planner, Faye-Marie Pekar: 775-328-3623,
Natural Resource Planner, Joanne Lowden: 775-328-2039,