How to Enable Cookies

   How to Enable Session Cookies

What is a "cookie"? A cookie is a small text file on your computer some Web sites use to store information.

There are several types of cookies, and you can choose whether to allow some, none, or all of them to be saved on your computer. If you do not allow cookies at all, you may not be able to view some Web sites or take advantage of customization features.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 

  • Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu

  • Click on the "Privacy" tab

  • Click the "Default" button (or manually slide the bar down to "medium") under "Settings" 

  • Click "OK".

Mozilla Firefox 

  • Go to the "Tools" menu

  • Select "Options" 

  • Select the "Privacy" icon in the left panel

  • Check the box corresponding to "Allow sites to set cookies"

  • Click "OK" to save changes.

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