How long does it take to complete the online application?

The time it takes depends on several factors including the amount of work experience and education you have to enter, how fast you can type, whether you copy and paste information, etc. You should allow 20-45 minutes for the total process. However, you can speed up the process by collecting important information about previous work experience, education, certifications, etc. before you start creating your application. If you find you are missing a piece of information requested on the application, you may be able to skip the field and go back later to complete it. If you decide to do this, it is important that you return and complete the missing information BEFORE you submit your application for a specific job opening. The application does not have a SAVE option, you must be ready to submit your application when you log in. The information on your application when you apply will be used to evaluate your qualifications for the job opening for which you apply--make sure it is accurate and contains all information requested as well as any specific attachments that are required.