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The Civil Division is divided into four (4) areas; Small Claims and Civil Actions, Evictions and Stalking and Harassment.

Small Claims actions have a monetary limit of $10,000.00 and are conducted more informally, generally, without attorneys present.Civil actions have a monetary limit of $15,000.00.

Evictions deal with landlord-tenant disputes.

Stalking and harassing orders are available for cases that do not involve domestic or intimate relationships (e.g., sons, daughters, husbands, wives, boyfriend or girlfriend).

Information on Incorrect Credit Reports

Please be advised that companies are hired by credit reporting agencies to search records of Reno Justice Court. All court records are public records and Reno Justice Court cannot limit or deny these companies access to the court's records. Reno Justice Court is not responsible for reporting the information to the credit rating companies nor is Reno Justice Court responsible for employees of credit reporting agencies or collection of information that may be incorrect.

If you you find that incorrect information is listed on your credit report you must contact the company that reported it to the credit reporting agency to have it removed or contact your attorney. Reno Justice Court cannot remove the incorrect information.

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