Civil Action - How to File

The jurisdictional limit for Civil Action in Reno Justice Court is $15,000.00.

Complaints in Civil Action are generally prepared by attorneys as complaint forms are not available for Civil actions. A Summons must accompany the Complaint.

The fee charged at the time of filing an action is based upon the amount asked for in the Complaint for the principal sum (s) only.

Representation by an attorney is not mandatory; however, such representation is advised because this is a more formal court setting and you will be required to follow the Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure as well as prepare all of your own documents. Attorney`s fees must be awarded to the prevailing party in Civil Actions. This is not true of Small Claims cases.

After filing the Complaint, it is your responsibility to have each defendant properly served. It is also your responsibility to provide Reno Justice Court with a Proof of Service after service is perfected upon the defendant.

After the defendant has been served, it is up to you and/or your attorney to know how to proceed. The clerks at Reno Justice Court cannot give you that advice.