Civil Actions and Small Claims

Any party dissatisfied with the Court’s decision may appeal it. If it is a Small Claims action the appeal must be filed within five judicial days after the decision date (excluding court date, weekends and holidays). If it is a Justice Court civil action, the appeal must be filed no later than twenty straight days after service of Notice of Entry of Judgment. If it is on decision for a formal eviction taken through Justice Court, such as an Unlawful Detainer, the appeal must be filed within ten judicial days following the decision. Justice Court Rule 72B, 98, N.R.S. 40.380.

The appealing party must file a formal Notice of Appeal with Reno Justice Court. If the party wishing to appeal a decision is not familiar with the preparation of that pleading, there are forms available at the court. Civil clerks can not give any assistance in the preparation of this pleading.

At the time the appeal is filed with the court, the appellant is also responsible to pay fees as outlined on the fee schedule. All fees are made payable to the Reno Justice Court.

Proceedings will not be stayed even after an appeal has been filed unless a supersedeas bond has been posted. Usually, this bond will be for the amount of judgment, any costs, plus interest as applicable for one year for Small Claims or Justice Court civil action. If the case being appealed is for a formal eviction and it is being appealed by the tenant, the supersedeas bond will be set by the deciding judge.

Important - All fees must be paid for in cash or with a check on an attorney's trust account only.

A transcription of the proceedings is required for the appeal process. A copy of the digital recording is available for purchase for $35.00 per copy upon written request. Transcription of the digital recording is your responsibility.