Small Claims - How to File

The party you sue through our Court must reside, be employed, or do business in the Reno Township, which includes the following areas: The city of Reno, Stead, Bordertown, Cold Springs, Steamboat Springs, Lemmon Valley, Verdi and Washoe Valley. The maximum amount that you may file for is $10,000.00. Your court date will be approximately two (2) months after you file.

Small Claims Filing Fees

Description Cost
Under $1,000.00 $66.00*
From $1,000.01 to $2,500.00 $86.00*
From $2,500.01 to $5,000.00 $106.00*
From $5,000.01 to $7,500.00 $146.00*
From $7,500.01 to $10,000.00 $196.00*
Counterclaims $71.00*

To sue a business or a corporation in Small Claims Court, the proper party to represent it must be named on the claim. If it is a business, the Reno City License Bureau (775) 334-2090 or the Washoe County License Division (775) 328-3733 can provide the business name on the license and the person listed as the licensee. If you are suing a corporation, the Secretary of State (775) 684-5708, (NV SOS Business Entity Search), can provide the exact name of the corporation and who is listed as the Resident Agent along with the Resident Agent’s address. In either case, it is important to list the business or corporation exactly as it reads with the appropriate agency. If the party you wish to sue is an agency governed under the United States Federal Government, you will need to contact the U.S. Federal Court for the procedure on filing.

On Small Claim Affidavit and Orders, if it is an individual filing for a business, the business name and address goes on the top of the form. The name of the person, along with their title giving them authorization to file, goes on the bottom part of the affidavit as the “Affiant”. If you are filing your claim in person at the Civil Counter, the clerks will prepare your Affidavit and Order for you. If you have three (3) or more small claims, we ask that you prepare your own.

Please type or print the information on the “Affidavit and Order”, sign it before a notary and return it to the Court along with your filing fee check, service check and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. By return mail the Court will inform you of your court date and case number and enclosed will be your receipts for the above fees. This Affidavit and Order MUST be signed before a notary or before a clerk at Reno Justice Court. (The single page worksheet form MUST be included with the claim, but does not have to be typed.)

Small Claims Complaints MUST be served by a licensed process server. There will be fees payable to the server. To avoid an unnecessary trip to Court, please contact the process server who served your papers prior to the court date to be sure the Defendant has been served. The party who serves the Affidavit and Order must type or neatly print below their signature their name and title which authorizes them to make service. The burden to make sure this is done is on the Plaintiff. If it is not properly done the judge may not honor the service of the Affidavit and Order.