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Real Property

  • How do I add someone to the title of my property?

    You would need to record a new Deed document in the Washoe County Recorder's Office to change how title is held to your property. You can obtain document forms from local office supply stores, or legal counsel can draw them up. All of our recording requirements and fees are available on our website at

  • How do I remove a deceased joint tenant's name from the title of my property?

    You will need to record a new transfer document to remove the deceased joint tenant from the ownership of the property; usually we see an Affidavit of Surviving Joint Tenant document used in this situation. A death certificate must be included. If you are unsure of the type of forms you need to use, please seek legal advice for guidance.

  • Does the Washoe County Recorder's Office provide Homestead forms?

    The Washoe County Recorder's Office provides Homestead and Abandonment of Homestead forms in the office and online.  Click here to download the forms.

  • I just paid off my house. How do I get my deed?

    Unlike the title to a car, possession of the deed does not in itself imply ownership of real property. Therefore, the original deed identifying you as the owner is typically retained by the homeowner at the time of occupancy. If at any time you'd like an official plain or certified copy of your deed, please contact our copy department at 775-328-3660 with the document number and we can mail or fax it to you. If you are unsure of the document number, you may contact the assessor's office for a title history of the property or stop by the Recorder's Office Library to research.

    Additionally, once a mortgage is satisfied (paid off), a reconveyance or satisfaction of mortgage document is typically sent by the lender to be recorded.

  • How is a lien removed?

    For almost every type of document that places a lien on real property, a related recordable document reverses the original action. These documents are called releases, satisfactions, terminations, cancellations, and reconveyances.
  • What if a lien is still listed on my credit report after it's been paid?

    If a lien is still listed on a credit report after it has been paid off, you should contact the organization or person who filed the lien against the property. They should be able to provide a recordable document that states that the lien has been satisfied and released.
  • How do I find out who owns a piece of property?

    You can contact the Washoe County Assessor's Office for ownership information at 775-328-2277. For a very recent transfer of ownership you can search our records online. You will need to have either the name of the buyer or the seller.
  • When a Deed of Trust/Mortgage is paid off, who records the release document and returns it to the property owner?

    A reconveyance or satisfaction of mortgage is typically sent by the lender, either directly to our office or to the homeowner, to be recorded.
  • Does the Recorder's office provide searching services?

    The Recorder's Office does not provide searching services.

    Washoe County Recorder's Offic recorded documents are available to search through our Self Service system.

    The grantor/grantee index provided on this web site will enable the searching of the public records in the Washoe County Recorder's official records from 11/19/1991 to present. Available images are "unofficial" copies in order to comply with the statutory charges of $1.00 per page. Our records, by statute, are indexed in alphabetical order by name (last name, space, first name; no comma). You will need at least one of the parties' names and approximate date of the transaction to do a search. You may also search for information by a specific field or combination of fields presented here. This will help you limit your search. You will not be able to search by address, legal description or tax parcel number.

    For additional information by tax parcel number please contact the Washoe County Assessor at 775-328-2277 or visit their website at

    For official plain copies or certified copies of documents or inquiries on documents prior to 11/19/1991 please contact our office in Reno at 775-328-3660. You may e-mail us at

  • What is a title search and how do I get one?

    A title search is a full property search showing ownership and all related property information. Please contact a title company directly for more information about requesting a title search on your property. A fee may be involved.
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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »