APN Searching

APN stands for Assessor's Parcel Number. It is a unique code assigned to a property to help the Assessor's Office assess property value. Here in the Recorder's Office we have not historically indexed the Assessor's Parcel Number, which means we did not read the number off of documents and then type it into the computer so that it was searchable.

In 2016 we decided to start indexing APNs because of the many requests from the public for the ability to search our records by APN. Because APNs have not always been required to be on the documents, and because APNs were not always used, APN indexing will never be "complete". There will always be documents that pertain to a particular property that are not searchable by APN, and the Washoe County Recorder's Office does not guarantee the accuracy of our APN index information.

However, in order to enhance this functionality and extend the reach of the APN searching as far as possible, we have obtained a copy of the Assessor's APN database and used it to retroactively add APN index information to our records. What that means is that some documents where the APN does not appear anywhere in them will show up in search results for a particular APN, because the Assessor has indicated it may be related to that APN.

To search our database by APN, enter our Document Search and Copies system, then click on Official Records. The APN search box is located between the Document Number and Recording Date fields. The fields may appear differently if you are using a smartphone or tablet.