Below you will find an embedded report with statistics about the documents recorded in our office. The first two pages of the report detail the Real Property/Land records, and the third page details the Marriage records.

The land records in our computer system go all the way back to the creation of the county (and some even before), however, we have not "indexed" land records in our system prior to 11/19/1991. Indexing is the process of reading the document and typing its most pertinent information into the computer. Because we create this data ourselves, we are much farther behind in the indexing process than we are in the scanning process, and so statistics are available for 1992 forward at this time.

The marriage records in our office are the proof of marriage, created after the ceremony has taken place, which we call a "marriage certificate". In some jurisdictions the marriage license/application/certificate are all the same document, but in Washoe County the licenses are issued by the Clerk's Office, and then a certificate is recorded with our office.

All documents in the Washoe County Recorder's office are public record and are available for viewing either on our website or in our library. However, these statistics have been scrubbed of Personally Identifiable Information before being imported into our reporting software.

We recommend full screen mode to view this report.