Schedule of Fees

General Recording
See our General Recording Requirements or NRS 247.110(3) for standard formatting requirements.
Type Price
General Document Recording Fee $43.00 per document
Notice of Default Document Recording Fee $293.00 per document (NRS 107.080)

Map Recording
Type Price
Subdivision/Tract Map $68.00
Parcel Map $35.00
Survey Map $35.00
Land Map $68.00
Each additional page on all maps $10.00

Mining Recording
For more information, please visit Nevada Division of Minerals.
Type Price
Certificate of Location, including Amended or Relocated $28.00 per document, plus $10.00 per claim for D.O.M.
Affidavit-Notice of Intent to Hold, Proof of Labor, or Amended Proof of Labor $18.00 per document, plus $2.00 per claim, plus $10.00 per claim for D.O.M.
Placer Map, including Amended or Relocated $18.00 per document, plus $1.00 per acre
Lode, Millsite, or Tunnel Map including Amended or Relocated $18.00 per document, plus $15.00 per claim

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Recording
Accepted on forms prescribed and made available by the Nevada Secretary of State.
Type Price
UCC, containing up to two pages $60.00
UCC, containing three to twenty pages ($2.00 for each page attached over 20 pages) $90.00
UCC, pertaining to public finance transaction (plus $2.00 for each additional debtor listed on all UCC's) $90.00

Recording Taxes
Transfer tax is collected, per NRS 375, when an interest in real property is conveyed.
Type Price
Real Property Transfer Tax $2.05 per $500 of value

Marriage Certificate Copies
A certified copy of the application for marriage license is available in the Washoe County Clerk's Office. Contact them via phone at 775-784-7287.
Type Price
Certified Copy of Marriage Record (proof of marriage) $15.00 each
Plain Copy of Marriage Record $1.00 each

Document Copies
Type Price
Document Copy $1.00 per page
Map Copy $1.00 per page
UCC Copy $2.00 per page
Fee to certify any document copy $4.00 per certification

Additional Information
For any additional information, or clarification, please contact us:
Information Phone Number
Marriages and copy requests 775-328-3660
Real Estate, and all other questions 775-328-3661