How do I search online for recorded documents?

Real Estate

Real Estate and other documents recorded by the Washoe County Recorder's Office are available to search through our Self Service system.

The information provided on this website will enable the searching of the public records in the Washoe County Recorder's official records from 11/19/1991 to present. Images available online are "unofficial" copies in order to comply with the statutory charges of $1.00 per page.

You will need at least one of the parties' names and approximate date of the transaction to do a search. You may also search for information by a specific field or combination of fields presented here. This will help you limit your search. You will not be able to search by address, legal description or Assessor's Parcel Number. For additional information by Assessor's Parcel Number please contact the Washoe County Assessor at 775-328-2277 or visit their website. For official plain copies or certified copies of documents or inquiries on documents prior to 11/19/1991 please contact our office in Reno at 775-328-3660. You may e-mail us at

It is possible that the documents you are researching are not recorded with this office.

Marriage Certificates

Marriage Certificates recorded in Washoe County are available to search online on our Self Service website for marriages that occurred in 1965 or later. The option to order a certified copy of a marriage certificate online is available for certificates recorded after 11/1/1997.