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Short Term Rental Inspections

Schedule your Short Term Rental Building Inspections Online

You can now schedule your initial building inspection or a re-inspection through OneNV.US

Please review the Inspection Checklist (Updated 08/30/2021) and ensure that all required items are installed in your home, PRIOR to scheduling your inspection.

We understand that you may have guests and we are happy to access when it is convenient. Please know we do not mind if the home is occupied or untidy. You do not need to be at the home during the STR Building Inspection if you can provide access to the property with an access code or your local contact. Our inspectors need 15-20 minutes maximum to do their inspection. All STR Building Inspection results are posted and can be checked online in your permit record and automated emails will be sent to all contacts listed in the permit application.

CLICK HERE to access the step-by-step instructions.


We want you to PASS your inspection! 

We have a high demand for STR Building Inspections, so please prepare for your building inspection to ensure you PASS the first time and do not need a re-inspection. 

If your property fails the STR Building Inspection, Washoe County will provide one (1) additional courtesy inspection. Each inspection required for your property to pass, beyond the initial two (2) inspections (1 initial inspection + plus 1 courtesy), will be charged an additional STR Building Inspection fee in order to cover Washoe County's Building Inspection cost.

Top 3 Reasons STR Homes are FAILING their Building Inspection:
1) Smoke Detectors and/or Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector are NOT Interconnected: Please ensure your smoke and CO detectors are talking to one another (interconnected). This means if one detector goes off, then all detectors must go off. Interconnection can be achieved by installing wireless or bluetooth detectors that do not require re-wiring (plug and play).

2) Emergency Lighting Missing: You can use a plug-in light that comes on when it detects that the power is out (has a battery). The emergency light should be placed outside bedrooms to light the pathway to the nearest exit.

3) Escape Ladders Missing: Bedrooms and sleeping areas with greater than 16'-0" from windowsill to the exterior terrain/landing require a retractable ladder affixed to the inside or outside or the window. Ladder must reach within 12" of the terrain/landing.
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »