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The REGULATORY ZONE DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS handout provides a summary of yard setbacks, height, density, lot size and lot width for each regulatory zone.

APPLICATIONS -   To see the Fill-in-the-Blank fields check the "Highlight Fields" box.  All applications can be printed out or filled out online.
Administrative Permit
Agricultural Exemption for Land Division
Amendment of Conditions
Appeal to Board of County Commissioners
Appeal to Board of Adjustment
Boundary Line Adjustment 
Detached Accessory Dwelling Administrative Review
Detached Accessory Dwelling Checklist
Development Code Amendment
Director's Modification of Standards 
Display Vehicle Application 
Extension of Subdivision Expiration Date Application
Master Plan Amendment
Regulatory Zone Amendment
Reversion to Acreage
Short Term Rentals - Administrative Permit
Short Term Rentals - Administrative Review
Special Use Permit
Tentative Map of Division of Land into Large Parcels
Tentative Parcel Map
Tentative Subdivision Map

Pursuant to NRS 278.02327, Washoe County has just 3 DAYS to determine completeness of submitted applications.  For that reason most development applications will be accepted ONLY on the 8TH of each month (or the first working day thereafter). 

For further information, please contact the Planning and Building Division Planning Counter at: Phone: 775.328.6100 E-mail: