Owner Stormwater Maintenance

As a property owner and a resident of Washoe County, you can help ensure that drainage systems are clean and functional. If you observe a plugged drainage facility, contact Washoe County. Plugged drainage facilities cause overflow, rerouting of water and minor flooding. 

Things you can do to prevent water damage include:

  • Visually inspect drainage facilities on your property. Clean plugged drainage facilities. Do this in the spring, fall and after any significant storm event.

  • Install properly designed improvements such as ditches, pipes, etc. to protect your property from localized flooding.

  • Call the Engineering, Capital Projects & Utility Division at (775) 328-2040 or email engineering@washoecounty.gov  for assistance to determine if a permit is required for proposed improvements.

  • See Washoe County Development Code Article 420 (Division Four) for storm drainage standards.