Monitoring and Response

Washoe County is proactive and prepared to respond to water level changes within closed basins and stormwater conveyance systems (ditches) through out unincorporated Washoe County. Increased elevations of water levels within our closed basins and lakes one trigger for additional operations, public safety and protection measures. Within closed basings and along roadside ditches, please expect the following during the winter months:

  • Operations crews to continue to remove debris from roadways and drainage systems
  • Installation of protections to maintain critical infrastructure within Washoe County right-of-way.
  • Changes to your normal traffic route and/or the speed limit in those areas.
  • Staging of additional resources for the community to prepare for weather events. 
  • Additional operations, engineering, and public safety team members will be more visible within the community.

There are currently numerous field crews within the community responding to rising water. There may be onsite, immediate changes operations completed to protect public safety. Please be cautious within the area and sign up to below to get storm water response updates and for regional alerts from our emergency operations center.