Protect Your Property

There are multiple opportunities for property owners to reduce susceptibility to flooding and decrease expenses related to flood damage or loss. Flood damage reduction tools range from maintaining storm water culverts, to elevating utilities and elevating structures above flood levels. Above all, for retrofits, improvements to buildings and new construction it is very important to hire a licensed professional who is familiar with techniques for protecting structures and proper construction within flood prone areas. 

Ensure that improvements and new construction consider protections for water damage. Use a licensed Nevada contractor for work completed within Washoe County. Information on local licensed contractors is available through the Nevada Contractors Board.
Simple improvements to residential properties have the ability to drastically reduce the extent of water damage. Attached is a summary of protection measures for your property. Always use a licensed contractor and obtain appropriate building permits. Learn More »
Building Permits are Required! Obtain a building permit prior to construction to ensure that the final product incorporates the latest protections for flood damage. Washoe County adopted International Building Code 2017 includes flood protections (ICC 2017 Appendix G).  Remember, building permits are also required for grading. The intent is to prevent changing water flow patterns on a property that would inadvertently cause damage to structures or neighboring properties. Learn More »
Opportunities for grant funding to support improvements to residential property are available within Washoe County. Learn more about the Home Elevation grant program by contacting Truckee River Flood Management Authority.