Flood Emergencies

During a flood, protecting yourself and your family is more important than any other possession. To prepare for a flood event, connect with the Washoe County Office of Emergency Management. There are opportunities to increase the time that you have to seek safe shelter by staying informed and preparing ahead. 

Sign up to receive emergency alerts through the Washoe County Emergency Management Regional Alerts. A communication system used for notifying Washoe County residents of flood and other emergencies.

Know where your resources are for imminent floods. Sandbag locations have been established regionally and remain consistent to improve accessibility to all residents. Take a look at the sandbag locations on the online map.  Learn More »

Assemble an emergency kit and establish a family emergency plan through the Washoe County Office of Emergency Management. Staying aware of upcoming floods and preparing ahead for other emergencies, increases the valuable time available to protect you and your family.

Learn more with additional information from the State of Nevada Department of Emergency Management. Including tool kits, kids preparation and animal resources.