Know Your Property Flood Risk

Flooding occurs when the amount of water that enters the natural conveyance system of streams, tributaries, rivers, and sediment basins exceeds the natural ability to convey or filter the water. In Washoe County, seasonal riverine flooding is more common in the winter, but flooding can occur at anytime. Knowing what to do to protect yourself from water damage starts with an understanding of the risk of flooding on your property. See below to learn more about your property flood risk, everyones' risk of water damage from intermittent storms and available local resources. 

Property Flood Risk

Property Flood Risk

To determine if your property is within an area that is suseptible for repeat flooding events, view federal maps online, riskfactor is a simple online resource, or submit a request for information on flood zones for your property.

Stormwater Flooding

Year-round flooding can occur anywhere in Nevada. Prevent property damage and learn more about maintenance of our private/public stormwater conveyance system. Learn More »

Local Resources

Washoe County partners with multiple local stakeholders and regional entities to provide residents with information on how to protect your home, your safety and community. Learn More »