HR Representatives

New Hire Packets - print and provide to your new employees the following and include applicable forms from the check list below.

Return signed and dated forms to HR, as a complete package, including all additional applicable forms from the check list below.

Required New Hire Paperwork

Regular     Intermittent/ Temporary Hire Intermittent to Regular District Court   
Accelerated Rate of Pay X*  
Application and/or Resume X   X  
Application for Intermittent Hourly/Temp X  
Authorization to Obtain Driving Records X X X*  
Communication and Electronic Device Use X X X*  
Demographic Self-Identification Form X X X* X
Designation of Beneficiary for Receipt of Final Payment X X X* X
Direct Deposit X* X* X* X*
Employee Data Sheet X X X X
Fingerprint Payroll Deduction Authorization  X X
Form SSA 1945 X X X* X
HSA Application X   X X*
I-9 X  X   X
Intermittent Hourly Agreement X* X* 

Internet and Intranet Acceptable Use Guidelines

X X X*  
Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation  X X X*
Nepotism Statement X X X  
New Hire Policy Acknowledgement X X X*
OBRA Acknowledgement X*  X*
Offer Letter X X  
OSHA-Nevada Workplace Safety X X X X
PERS Member Enrollment Form X   X X*
PERS Survivor Beneficiary Designation X   X X*
Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act Acknowledgement X X X*  
Retiree Reemployment Notification Non PERS Eligible Position   X*   X*
Subsequent Injury Program Form X X X* X
Temporary Agreement Letter   X*    X*
Welcome Letter X X* X
W-4 X   X

* If applicable

Temporary Clerical Agency Information

Complete List of Temporary Clerical Agency Rates and Information


Washoe County is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a diverse workforce that creates a sense of belonging for all employees and citizens, thereby encouraging persons from all backgrounds and experiences to apply for employment. 


Washoe County will recruit, hire, train and promote into all job levels without regard to race, religion or belief, gender, marital status or domestic partnership, familial status, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, genetic information (GINA), veteran status, political affiliation, membership in an employee association or union or any other protected class under applicable federal or state law


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