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Stalking and Harassment

Stalking and Harassment

If you reasonably believe that you are the victim of a stalking and/or harassment, or you are the parent/guardian of a child and you reasonably believe that the child has been the victim of stalking and/or harassment, you may petition the court for a Temporary Protection Order.  If your case involves a domestic, dating or intimate relationship (i.e. boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, husband, wife, etc.), you will need to visit the Second Judicial District Court's website for filing information or contact them at 775.328.3468.

The stalking and/or harassment must be either occurring or have taken place in the jurisdiction of Sparks Township. If the adverse party lives in the jurisdiction, the Washoe County Sheriff's Office will attempt service. If the adverse party lives outside of the jurisdiction, the applicant is responsible for service through a licensed process server. A consistent pattern of stalking and/or harassment over a period of time must be presented for the consideration of the Order.

Applying for a Temporary Protection Order

  • Be as specific as possible to include dates and times, locations and any witnesses.
  • It is helpful to list the allegations in chronological order.
  • Include any supporting documentation you may have to help substantiate your allegations such as:
    • Documentation of phone calls or text messages
    • Pictures
    • Written notes
    • Any other written documentation.
  • If you have a filed a police report, you may include a copy of the report with the application.
  • Remember, the application and any supporting documents are public record and may be viewed by any member of the public, including the Adverse Party.
  • You are signing the application under penalty of perjury, so any false or misleading statements may subject you to criminal penalties and/or denial of your petition.
  • Complete all of the documentation required for filing an application.  This may be done either at the court or prior to appearing. 
  • File the application with a clerk at the court to submit to the judge for review. You must do this yourself; a friend or family member may not do this on your behalf. A complete application should include:
    • Justice/Municipal Civil Court Cover Sheet
    • Application for Order for Protection
    • Affirmation
    • Washoe County Sheriff's Office Instructions for Service
    • Confidential Protection Order Information
    • For Stalking/Harassment forms click here.

  • A clerk will contact you with the judge's decision. If granted, the clerk will provide you with a court date within 30 days, if an Extended Order is requested, for both parties to appear and advise you when the Temporary Protection Order is available for pickup.
  • After picking up four (4) copies of the Order, you must have the Order served upon the Adverse Party by either the Washoe County Sheriff's Office or a Licensed Process Servers.  Two (2) copies will need to be provided for service and the other two (2) copies will need to be retained by you.  The Order is not valid until the Adverse Party is served.
  • Appear on the court date provided to you.  The judge presiding will determine if an Extended Order for Protection should be granted. If granted and served, the Order may be enforced for up to one (1) year.
  • Four (4) copies of the Order will be provided to you.  Again, two copies will need to be provided for service on the Adverse Party and two (2) copies retained by you in case the Order is violated for which law enforcement will request a copy of the Order and Proof of Service prior to acting on any allegation of violation.

Workplace Protection Order

If you need to petition the court for a Temporary Order for Protection in the Workplace, you will need to come down to the court to speak with a clerk as there is a $125 filing fee associated with this type of Order. 

Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »