An act or process of legally dispossessing a person of land or rental property.  

Non-Payment of Rent

This is a 7-day notice for past due rent and contracted late fees only.

Unlawful Detainer

May be issued after a tenant has been served with and has failed to comply with the following:

  1. Notice of Waste, Nuisance, or Unlawful Business
  2. Breach of Contract
  3. Tenancy at Will
  4. Seven (7) or Thirty (30) day "No Cause" eviction

Eviction Notice is served by either:

  1. The Washoe County Sheriff
  2. A licensed process server

If the tenant is served personally, they will have five (5) working days in which to either comply with the notice, vacate the premises, or file of Affidavit of Tenant with the court contesting the notice at which time a hearing will be set.  If the tenant is unavailable to accept service of the notice personally, it may be posted on the door and mailed, obtaining a certificate of mailing from the post office.  In this instance, the tenant will have five (5) working days plus three (3) straight days in which to comply with the notice.

If the tenant takes no action within the time period allowed, the landlord may apply for a Lockout Order.  The Order must be signed by a Judge and may only be served by the Washoe County Sheriff's Office.

Please refer to the fees section below for costs associated with this type of action.

Eviction Filing Fees

Non-Payment of Rent and Unlawful Detainer

Affidavit of Tenant $71
Affidavit of Landlord          $71
Unlawful Detainer Notice $71
Order for Lockout $25

For eviction forms click here.