Virtual Court

Administrative Order 2023-05 returns all hearings to be in-person, with exceptions. 

Sparks Justice Court Hearing Attendance Policy

The Court is open to all in-person access and the following applies to all court hearings.

  1. With limited exceptions, all hearings and trials at the Sparks Justice Court will be held in person only.
    1. Exceptions:
      1. Weekday In-Custody Arraignments will be held by remote means. The courtroom will be open for public viewing.
      2. Weekend and Holiday Bail Hearings will be held remotely. A link will be posted on the website for public viewing.
      3. In-Custody Status Hearings will be held in person with remote appearance by in-custody inmates. All other parties are required to be present in the Courtroom.
  2. Parties or counsel may ask for a Zoom appearance for good cause shown due to extraordinary circumstances at least 72 hours in advance, using the form Motion For Remote Appearance.
  3. Remote appearance requests for Trials or Preliminary Hearings will be considered pursuant to statute, court rule, and the Nevada Rules for Audio Visual Appearances.
  4. The Court will transport inmates for plea and sentencing upon at least 72 hours notice from counsel and the availability of court transportation.

Requirements for an Approved Remote Appearance

  1. Documents for a remote hearing must be provided to the court forty-eight (48) hours prior to the hearing or the court may continue the hearing.
  2. A Court provided zoom link.
  3. Your device must have a camera and microphone to participate in these hearings. Please test your device before the hearing date by clicking here.
  4. Dress appropriately for court



Weekend Hearings

The Zoom link to join hearings held on the weekend and holidays is provided below. No registration is required. 

  • Weekend Hearings Join Session (No Registration Required)