Small Claims

Small Claims 

An action filed in order to obtain a monetary judgment.  Claims must not exceed $10,000. For claims greater than $10,000, it is recommended you seek the counsel of an attorney for appropriate filing.  Your small claims action, however, may be filed with the Sparks Justice Court if one of the following applies to the defendant:

  1. They reside within the boundaries of the Sparks Township;
  2. They are employed within the boundaries of the Sparks Township; and/or,
  3. They do business within the boundaries of the Sparks Township.

If your claim involves vehicle repairs or damages you must either:

  1. Submit a copy of the repair bill for work performed;
  2. Obtain three (3) estimates and file for the least of the three estimates as to the value of work needed to be performed; and/or
  3. If the defendant was cited at the accident, you must provide a copy of the police report and a copy of the decision from the court indicating the outcome of the proceedings. This information will aid the Judge in adjudicating your small claims case.

Small claims alleging new construction or remodel errors (including landscaping and/or damages) may be governed by the Nevada Revised Statutes 40.600.  Cases which fall under this statute will be submitted to mediation before you can file a small claims action.  Please contact our office to obtain further information at 775.353.7600.

If your claim is against a business or corporation, you must contact either Sparks Business Licensing at 775.353.2360 or Washoe County Business Licensing at 775.328.3733 to determine if the business is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation.  If the business is a corporation, you will also need to contact the Secretary of State's office at 775.684.5708 or online at to obtain information and the name and address of the Resident Agent.

Upon completion of the application and payment of fees, the clerk will then prepare the Affidavit of Order, which you will then need to contact the Washoe County Sheriff Civil Division at 775.328.3310 or a licensed process server for service upon the defendant.

At least five (5) days prior to your court date, please bring the original and two sets of copies of any documents, pictures, and statements, etc. that you will present at the hearing.  One set is for the Judge and the other set for the opposing party.  This will assist the Judge in being prepared to hear your case.  Failure to do so may result in dismissal, continuance of your case, or assessment of copy fees at your expense.

For small claims forms, click here.

Small Claims Fees

For the preparation and filing of an affidavit and order in an action commenced pursuant to Chapter 73 of NRS:

If the sum claimed does not exceed $1,000 $66
If the sum claimed exceeds $1,000.01 but does not exceed $2,500          $86
If the sum claimed exceeds $2,500.01 but does not exceed $5,000 $106
If the sum claimed exceeds $5,000.01 but does not exceed $7,500


If the sum claimed exceeds $7,500.01 but does not exceed $10,000