Sparks Justice Court

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Local Rules

The Sparks Justice Court adopted the Uniform Rules of Rural Justice Courts of the state of Nevada as the local rules of practice on August 2, 2013. To review the court rules, please click on the document below.

Local rules

Be Prepared For Court

Everyone visiting the court must be screened by a metal detector prior to entry.  Limiting the amount of metal on your person will speed up the screening process.  Please be prepared to remove your shoes, belt and all contents in pockets along with any additional items requested by the Court Security staff.

No weapons of any kind are allowed in the Sparks Justice Court.  The court does not have a way of storing prohibited items and you will be directed to take the item(s) back to your vehicle.  Any and all illegal items will be confiscated.

Proper courtroom attire is required.  No shorts, tank tops or flip-flips will be allowed in the courtrooms along with any t-shirts with offensive pictures or slogans.  Hats should be removed before entering the courtroom.

Eating, drinking and chewing gum is prohibited within the court.  Smoking is also prohibited inside the building.

While in the courtrooms, please sit quietly when court is in session.  Do not talk or whisper as some of the court proceedings are being recorded and noise can interfere with the preparation of this important record.

If it is necessary to bring children with you to court, please monitor their behavior so they remain quiet at all times.  No sitting on the counters or running in the lobby will be allowed and you may be asked to leave the court if the children become distracting or interrupt court proceedings.

No photography or recording of any kind is allowed in the court.  All cellular phones and electronic devices must be turned off prior to entering the courtrooms.

Justice Court Bailiffs are responsible for monitoring and enforcing court security and courtroom standards.


The Sparks Justice Court courtrooms are equipped with hearing assistant technology. If you or anyone in your party has difficulty hearing, and would like to utilize the hearing aids available, please advise the bailiff in the courtroom prior to the start of the court session.

Court Interpreter

If you will need the assistance of an interpreter for your court hearing, the court requires notification as far in advance as possible but a minimum of ten days prior to the scheduled hearing. Failure to notify the court, or the unavailability of an interpreter, may result in a continuance of the hearing.

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »