Rules & Regulations

For detailed information on the ordinances that Washoe County Regional Parks and Open Space operates under, download Chapter 95 (PDF) of the County Code (amended in June 2022).


These are the most common park rules and regulations, and not an exhaustive list. You must also abide by any and all park postings or signage.

  • Park use is restricted to designated Park Hours
  • No motorized vehicles on trails
  • No overnight use (except at Davis Creek Campground)
  • Please use trash receptacles - No littering!
  • Fires are allowed in designated areas only
  • Charcoal only in grills
  • No amplified music or sound
  • Pets must be kept on leash at all times (see 'Pets in Parks' below)
  • Rockets, Drones and R/C airplanes and cars are not allowed
  • Shooting is only allowed at the Regional Shooting Facility
  • Archery is only allowed at the Regional Archery Facility
  • Do not feed the wildlife
  • Do not remove flowers, other vegetation, or firewood
  • All of Nevada Department of Wildlife's fishing regulations must be followed


  • Pets must be on leash at all parks, trails, and open spaces owned by Washoe County
    Chapter 95.220 of the County Code: Owners must have animals leashed no more than 6 feet in length and under immediate control at all times

  • Dog waste must be picked up!
    Chapter 55.130 of the County Code: It is unlawful for any person owning or having control or custody of any animal to permit the animal to defecate upon the public property of the county or upon the private property of another unless the person immediately removes the feces and properly disposes of it.

  • There are two areas where animals are prohibited: Bowers Mansion Regional Park and the Wilbur D. May Arboretum at Rancho San Rafael Park

  • Dog parks & off-leash areas: The two dog parks managed by Washoe County include the multi-use pasture at Rancho San Rafael Park and the Link Piazzo Dog Park at Hidden Valley Regional ParkAfter a one-year pilot program (Nov. 2021 - Nov. 2022), the Washoe County Open Space and Regional Parks Commission voted to continue to utilize three designated soccer fields (located at North Valleys Regional Park, Lazy 5 Regional Park, South Valleys Regional Park) for off-leash dog use during certain non-team use times. Visit Dog Parks & Off-Leash Areas for more information.