What is a Dispositional Hearing?

This hearing is usually held two to three weeks after the Adjudicatory Hearing. The social worker writes a court report detailing the condition of your home, your child`s progress in school, the mental, physical and social background of your family and the progress made on the case plan (See How do I get my child back?). The report also makes recommendations for services and activities to ensure your child`s safety.
You will be provided a copy of the court report prior to the hearing. Talk to your social worker about any concerns you have about the report. You may also talk to the judge about your concerns during the hearing. 
During the hearing the judge will give you a chance to discuss any issues you believe are important. At the end of the hearing the judge decides where your child will live and what you and Social Services must do to reach the case plan goal.
If your child is placed in emergency shelter or foster care, you will be ordered to pay child support. Talk to your attorney or the judge if you feel that repaying those costs will interfere with your ability to provide an adequate and safe home for your child.