Case Worker Recruitment

Child Welfare Case Workers work with diverse families in Washoe County to investigate reports of abuse or neglect and to provide services to increase their own capacity to safely care for their children.  Working in Child Welfare is a rewarding and demanding career path, but it is not for everyone.   


WCHSA created this realistic job preview, Preparing for a Career in Child Welfare, to highlight the unique rewards and challenges of working in Child Welfare.  Additionally, you may take the Child Welfare Case Worker Self-Screening Tool to see if you may be the right fit for working in Child Welfare. 


Click the links below or go to the Washoe County Human Resources website to view the job specifications for a Human Services Case Worker for more information.


Case Worker I

Case Worker II

Case Worker III


WCHSA follows the merit recruitment system, which means in order to be considered for any position you must apply when a recruitment is open, test and be placed on a ranked list based on your test score. Recruitments typically open during the month of June or July and may be opened throughout the year based on the hiring needs of the agency.  WCHSA typically hires case workers four times per year to align with our Child Welfare Academy training schedule.  To see if there is an active recruitment go to the Washoe County Jobs Page at