What is an Adjudicatory Hearing?

If HSA believes your child is in need of protection and that court involvement is necessary, HSA will file a legal document called a Petition for Hearing. The Washoe County Sheriff`s Office will serve you with the Petition for Hearing and an Order Upon Petition. The Order Upon Petition provides the date and time for the next hearing. This hearing is called the Adjudicatory Hearing. It is important for you to attend this hearing.
The Petition for Hearing lists the reasons why HSA thinks your child is in need of protection. At the Adjudicatory Hearing you will be asked to do one of the following:
(1) Admit that all or some of the allegations are true; or
(2) Choose not to comment; or
(3) Deny the allegations and ask for an Evidentiary Hearing (a trial).
If you admit that the allegations are true or choose not to comment, the judge will decide if your child has been abused or neglected.
If you deny the allegations in the Petition for Hearing and request an Evidentiary Hearing (trial), a new court date is set.