What is child abuse and neglect?

Nevada law defines several types of child abuse and neglect:   Physical Injury (NRS 432B.090):  A non-accidental injury to a child including bruises, cuts, bite marks, burns and broken bones.   Mental Injury (NRS 432B.070):  An injury to a child`s intellectual, psychological or emotional condition causing impairment of a child`s normal range of performance or behavior.   Sexual Abuse or Exploitation (NRS 432B.100 & 432B.110):  Any sexual activity with a child, including fondling and lewdness, or encouraging or allowing a child to view pornographic material or engage in prostitution or pornography.   Negligent Treatment or Maltreatment (NRS 432B.140):  Failure to provide a child with proper care, control or supervision, food, education, shelter or medical care. This includes leaving a young child alone or with someone who cannot or does not properly care for a child.

A parent or guardian is responsible for the abuse or neglect of a child if he or she causes or allows the abuse or neglect.