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Application for Permanent Certificate of Permission

For first time applicants, notary publics who are reapplying or previous certificate holders residing in Washoe County, Nevada, whose appointment as a notary public has expired or has been canceled, revoked or suspended.

Application for Single Ceremony Certificate of Permission

NRS 122 provides that a Notary Public active and in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State may submit to the county clerk in the county in which a marriage is to be performed an application to perform a specific marriage in the county. A separate Application and Certificate of Permission is required for each marriage performed.  No more than five marriages may be performed in this state in any calendar year.

Affidavit of Character Reference

Two affidavits must be completed by individuals who have known the applicant for a minimum of 2 years and can attest to the applicant’s character.  At least one reference should be professional or from a person who is not a blood relative.

Change of Address – Notary Public

Any address changes for a Notary Public requires completion of a Change of Address form.  Please notify us of address changes on the appropriate form and return it to the Clerk’s Office.  Certificate holders moving to another county in Nevada will need to reapply.

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