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Washoe County Code Disclaimer The Washoe County Code was last codified by Supplement No. 15 in January of 2020. Visit our Ordinances page for amendments to the Code after January 2020.

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  • If you are looking for specific ordinance use the Ordinance Reference Listing below. For copies of an ordinance please contact the Board Records and Minutes staff at (775) 784-7279
  • Chapter 110 is the Washoe County Development Code. For information regarding this chapter, please contact the Department of Community Development at (775) 328-6100. You may view Chapter 110 online at
  • The online version of the Washoe County Code has been formatted for your computer screen. As a result the page numbering is different from the printed document.
  • Pages accessed with Acrobat Reader 3.0 may not load correctly and may appear to be blank. If you do not know what version of Acrobat you are using, please download and install Acrobat Reader
  • The number system designates the following:
    • Chapter (10)
    • Section (050)
      Example: 10.050 = Section .050 located in Chapter 10.
  • Amendments to the Code will be published as they become available. The complete County Code will be updated after approval by the Washoe County Board of Commissioners.

Washoe County Code (as of Jan. 2020)

Complete Listing of Washoe County Ordinances

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