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(Ministers/Church-Religious Officials/Notary Publics)

Certificates of Permission to Perform Marriages

Prior to performing a marriage ceremony in the State of Nevada, authorization must be obtained from the County Clerk. The information below will assist you in determining the application process for the appropriate type of authorization depending on the circumstances.


Chapter 122 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) governs marriage in the state.  According to NRS 122, you must be:

      (a)         A licensed, ordained, or appointed minister or other church or religious official in good
                   standing within your organization;


      (b)         A Notary Public appointed by and in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State.

Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 122

Senate Bill 419 – Enacted by 2013 Nevada Legislature - effective Oct. 1, 2013.


Application Process

Processing time for applications can take 2-3 weeks depending upon the type of application submitted and the results of the background check. 

  • The application fee is $30 (Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or Traveler's Check).
  • Background checks are required for the following types of applications and require payment of a $54 fee to the third-party vendor conducting the background check:
    1. Notary Publics (permanent only)
    2. Religious Officials (permanent only)
    3. Religious Officials (temporary replacements)
  • Faxed documents will not be accepted. Original documents are required.
  • To avoid any delays in processing, check to ensure that the documents are signed by the appropriate party and notarized.
  • If you are associated with the Catholic Church, please contact the Diocese of Reno before completing your Single Ceremony Application - 775 329-9274

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The Nevada Secretary of State maintains an on-line searchable database of Marriage Officiants authorized to perform marriages in the State of Nevada.  Nevada Marriage Officiant Search

If you are unable to locate a specific Marriage Officiant from Washoe County, please feel free to contact us at 775-784-7287.

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