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Board Records & Minutes Manager: Evonne Strickland
Phone:  775-784-7279

The agenda for each County Commission meeting is prepared and scheduled by the County Manager's Office and is available for distribution on the Wednesday before the next Tuesday meeting as well as on the Internet.

As the Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, the County Clerk is the official record keeper of all actions taken by the Board. The Minutes Division of the Clerk's office consists of a supervising administrative clerk and three administrative clerks who attend the meetings conducted by the Board of County Commissioners for the purpose of preparing the minutes of the meetings.

The minutes of the meetings are usually available within three to four weeks. There are three meetings per month: the second, third, and fourth Tuesdays, as well as any additional special meetings which may be held. This Division also records the meetings of the County Commission sitting as the Fire Commissioners of the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District, which has its regular meeting on the first Tuesday of each month preceding the Commission meeting.

This Division keeps the backup material for each agenda item. Audio cassette tapes of each meeting are kept for a period of three years. All documentation given to the Board members and everything presented at the meetings constitutes backup material and becomes part of the official records of the Board of County Commissioners, which is also microfilmed, along with the minutes, for permanent retention. The Washoe County Clerk's Office has minutes retained in bound books and on microfilm dating back to 1862 when the first Board of County Commissioners was formed.

In addition to preparing the minutes and maintaining the permanent records of the Commission, this Division also maintains all County ordinances after their adoption. Ordinances usually amend the Washoe County Code, which is available for purchase in the Clerk's Office. The Washoe County Code and the County Commission minutes are available on the Internet.

The County Clerk is also Clerk of the Washoe County Board of Equalization, which is the Board that conducts hearings for property owners who do not agree with the value placed on their property for tax purposes by the Washoe County Assessor. The administrative clerks also attend these meetings to prepare the minutes and official records of this Board for transmission to the property owners as well as the State Board of Equalization. In addition to the above responsibilities, the County Clerk is Clerk of the Washoe County Debt Management Commission as well as the Community Homelessness Advisory Board, a multi-jurisdictional board tasked with making recommendations on homeless issues in the region.

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