• May I watch a hearing in session?

    The courtroom sessions are open to the public. There are circumstances where you may be subpoenaed to testify on a case and asked to leave the courtroom during another testimony.
  • Is photography permitted inside the building?

    No photography or recording allowed in the court building. All electronic devices must be turned off prior to entering the courtrooms.
  • What am I prohibited from bringing into the building?

    No weapons or illegal items of any kind allowed. No food or drink allowed in the courtrooms.
  • What are the requirements for Court attire?

    Please dress appropriately for court. No tank tops or shorts allowed. If the clothing is revealing or offensive, you may be asked to leave. Ball caps and sunglasses should be removed before entering the courtrooms.
  • May young children attend court?

    Children are allowed, but it is not recommended. If your child/children do attend, please refrain from any disturbance of court proceedings.
  • How do I contact collections?

    Valley Collections may be contacted by mail, phone or online.

    • Valley Collections
    • P.O. Box 10130
    • Glendale, AZ 85315
    • Phone: (623) 931-4325
    • Website:
  • Can I change my court date?

    If you are set for an arraignment hearing, you may contact the court and speak with a clerk. If you are set for any other type of hearing, the court is unable to continue your hearing and you will be required to contact your attorney of record.
  • How do I get an extension on my requirements?

    Appear in person at the counter to request an extension. The first extension is $10.00 and the second or subsequent extension is $25.00. The extension fee is required to be paid before the extended time is granted.
  • May I speak with the Judge?

    You may speak with the judge at your scheduled hearing, in the courtroom and on the record.
  • Where can I complete community service?

    You may complete community service at the Sparks Municipal Court or any non-profit organization. You will be required to sign up at the Sparks Justice Court for community service and pay a community service fee. The sign up fees are $10.00 for Sparks Municipal Court and $25.00 for non-profit organizations. You are required to provide proof of enrollment and proof of completion to the court.
  • I posted cash bail. What happens to the bail?

    If you posted cash bail on behalf of a defendant, you will need to retain the receipt as it is required to be presented to the court to receive a refund if applicable. Cash bail is held on a case until the case is adjudicated or otherwise ordered by the judge. The disposition of the cash bail posted is up to the court and a refund of the cash bail is not a guarantee. If the defendant fails to appear, and the cash bail is under $500, the cash bail will be applied to your outstanding balance and the surplus refunded. If the defendant fails to appear, and the cash bail posted is over $500, you will be notified that the bail will be held for 180 days and then forfeited unless the defendant appears before a judge within that time period.
  • What are the court filing fees?