Action Plan

Create a By-Name List

We are currently creating a by-name list for our community. A quality by-name list will allow us to know everyone in our community experiencing homelessness in real time. With this information, we will: 

  • Understand the scope of homelessness in our community 
  • Understand how people move in and out of our system on an ongoing basis 
  • Have accurate information to set goals to reduce homelessness 
  • Have accurate information to understand if we are making progress in ending homelessness

Please learn how a by-name list works in real time:


It is critical to note that a by-name list will only be useful to the extent that it is operationalized as a driver of our community’s efforts to reduce and end homelessness.

The key components of a quality by-name list include the following:

Washoe County's Built for Zero Framework

In order to begin this process, a Single Adults By-Name List (BNL) scorecard was completed by the Built for Zero Regional Core Team. This scorecard sets out an ambitious framework for building the necessary data management practices and systems coordination to track the movement of everyone experiencing homelessness in communities with the ultimate goal of ending all homelessness. 

This scorecard is currently intended to provide guidance on how to develop a by-name list for all homeless, single adults in our community and provide a means to assess whether the data on our by-name list is of sufficient quality to track progress in ending homelessness in our community.

It should be noted, we are prioritizing which components of the scorecard to address first,  we are taking into consideration:

  1. The current capacity of our system; this was completed January 2021. Please visit our Housing Capacity Analysis page, to view the full report. 
  2. The time / effort involved in implementation of the necessary changes; AND
  3. The relative impact the change will have on improving the accuracy and usefulness of our data relative to ending homelessness

What this score means

Our score is a baseline, not a judgment. It is helping us create action plans and measure improvements toward a comprehensive by-name list. If we have a fully functional by-name list, we will be confident that the list includes every single adult experiencing homelessness in our community AND we will be able to easily access the information in real time that we need to prioritize and track progress towards ending homelessness.

What's next? Hold us accountable

Developing and maintaining a by-name list for all single adults can be time consuming and needs to happen in the context of our community’s efforts to prioritize our list, optimize our system, assess and maximize our resources and advocate for and think creatively about addressing resource gaps. Please continue to check back and track our progress.