Nevada Cares Campus


The Nevada Cares Campus was opened in the Spring of 2021 in Reno, Nevada. The Campus provides shelter to our region's most vulnerable residents. The campus includes the Nevada Cares Campus Emergency Shelter and the Nevada Cares Campus Safe Camp. For shelter criteria and program details, please see below. 

Emergency Shelter


The Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter admits men and couples. Single women who arrive at the Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter are referred to Our Place, the local women and family shelter. To access the Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter please see below:

  • Location: 1800 Threlkel St., Reno, NV, 89512
  • Contact Phone Number: 775-329-4141  
  • Criteria for emergency bed: Provide name, date of birth, and share the resources one is seeking 

Safe Camp


The Nevada Cares Campus Safe Camp serves as a space where staff provides access to basic services and a more secure location for individuals not wishing to move into congregate shelters. To be eligible the person must complete an application form, be willing to work towards a housing plan and be able to manage their own activities of daily living.

Inclement Weather /Poor Air Quality Information


  • Inclement Weather/ Poor Air Quality: The Cares Campus will open the warming center 24 hours per day during inclement weather. Nevada Cares Campus will follow local weather warnings, to include low temperatures, rain combined with low temperatures, freezing rain, or snow.
  • Nevada Cares Campus will open the cooling center during inclement weather. Nevada Cares Campus will follow local weather warnings, to include high temperatures, warnings of heat stroke and dehydration due to weather conditions, or warnings to stay inside due to poor air quality.
  • Winter Overflow Beds: Beginning (on or about) December 1, there will be 84 winter overflow beds available at Nevada Cares Campus. If an unhoused individual arrives at the Nevada Cares Campus and there is no available bed in the emergency shelter, they will be able to stay the night in the winter overflow on a first come, first served basis. Each person will be provided a bed, linens, and a locker to secure personal items.

Washoe County and Nevada Cares Campus operator staff monitor the weather forecasts regularly to ensure inclement services are available during these times. If community members would like to know if these inclement services are open, they may inquire by calling 775-329-4141.

Connect with Cares Newsletter & Participant Exits to Housing

In order to share the most up to date information with the participants of the Nevada Cares Campus and the community, the team initiated a monthly two-page newsletter, Connect with Cares, beginning June 2022. As we continue this initiative, these newsletters will be shared on this page.
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Success Exits to Housing Stories
We would like to thank the case managers at the Nevada Cares Campus for sharing these stories. Each exit to permanent housing in our community is rewarding and the hard work of each case manager is reflected in the impact they make on a daily basis. We will continue to share these stories in our monthly newsletter, Connect with Cares. To view data for the programs located at the Nevada Cares Campus, visit here.

Additional Information  

If you are interested in additional information on the Nevada Cares Campus, please contact Washoe County Housing and Homeless Services at: