Nevada Cares Campus



The Nevada Cares Campus was opened in the Spring of 2021 in Reno, Nevada. The Campus provides shelter to our region's most vulnerable residents. The campus includes the Nevada Cares Campus Emergency Shelter and the Nevada Cares Campus  Safe Camp. For shelter criteria and program details, please see below. 

Cares Campus Emergency Shelter


Opened in May 2021, the Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter admits men and couples, single women who arrive at the Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter are referred to Our Place, the local women and family shelter. In the event Our Place is full, women are welcomed at the Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter. To access the Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter please see below:

Location: 1800 Threlkel St., Reno, NV, 89512

Contact Phone Number: 775-329-4141  

Criteria for emergency bed: Provide name, date of birth, and share the resources one is seeking

Click here to view the latest emergency shelter updates and seasonal planning


Cares Campus Safe Camp


Opened in June 2021, the Nevada Cares Campus Safe Camp serves as a space where staff provides access to basic services and a more secure location for individuals not wishing to move into congregate shelters. To be eligible the person must complete an application form, be willing to work towards a housing plan and be able to manage their own activities of daily living.

Location: Line Dr., Reno, NV, 89512 

Contact information:  

For criteria and more information related to the Safe Camp pilot program, please click here.


COVID-19 Prevention and Response  

Washoe County staff and the operator staff, Volunteers of America and Karma Box Project, continue to monitor participants for COVID-19 symptoms. Below find preventative measures and response: 

Preventative measures:

  • Regular sanitary procedures
  • COVID precautions are communicated to participants
  • Distributing PPE to program participants
  • Providing vaccine clinics on site

COVID-19 Response – When symptoms are present:

  • When available COVID-19 testing is provided on site
  • Referrals to available resources such as COVID-19 isolation housing are provided

Last Revised 11/2022

Additional Information  

If you are interested in additional information on the Nevada Cares Campus, please contact Washoe County Housing and Homeless Services at: