Point in Time Count


Across the nation, each Continuum of Care (CoC) is responsible for planning and conducting a Point in Time Count (PIT) of people experiencing homelessness in their community, as required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This count is conducted annually during the last 10 days in January and represent all homeless persons who were sheltered and unsheltered on a single night during that period. This data is used to measure homelessness on a local and national level and is published annually on HUD’s HUD Exchange website, which can be viewed by CoCs and the general public.  

Point in Time Count 2023

The Northern Nevada 2023 Point in Time Count was conducted on January 26, 2023. Below please find the data for this year: 

1,605 total person counted
Increase of 85 total individuals compared to 2022 PIT Count
Decrease of 88 individuals in the unsheltered population 
Increase of 173 individuals in shelters and transitional housing
Gender breakdown of unsheltered people experiencing homelessness
(from those who provided a response)


The graph below outlines sheltered and unsheltered data from


Trend Analysis - The trends seen are likely due to three main reasons
  1. Coordination amongst Street Outreach providers to get people who are unsheltered into emergency shelter or housing has continued to improve.
  2. Emergency shelter bed availability results in decreased unsheltered homelessness numbers.
  3. A significant number of people who were staying in emergency shelter have been housed, 336 people have been exited from the Cares Campus to permanent housing since April 1, 2022.
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Additional Information 

If you are interested in additional information on Point in Time Count (PIT) , please contact Washoe County Housing and Homeless Services at: RegionalHomelessServices@washoecounty.gov