Short Term Rental Fire Safety Information

If you manage or operate a short term rental in the Incline Village or Crystal Bay area and you offer an exterior fire pit or fire feature at that location, per Washoe County Code for short term rentals, Section 110.319.20 safety standard (c) (14) additional safety standards states that "any exterior recreational fire or firepit fueled by natural gas or propane shall not operate unless permitted by the local fire district." Please be aware, solid fuel fire pits are prohibited.

If you wish to garner a permit for a natural gas or propane fueled fire pit or fire feature, please ensure you have the manufacturer information/recommendations, either physical or electronic copies, available for the fire pit you are proposing to have permitted. More information may be found on our webpage at You may schedule a recreational burn permit inspection at

Please also ensure that any natural gas, propane, or electric grilling appliance provided is being operated in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. This included being operated on combustible deck surfaces and distance from combustible construction.

Washoe County and North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District (NLTFPD) wish everyone an enjoyable stay in our community and thank you for your assistance in keeping our area safe. North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Fire Safety Information handout