Marriage Application Pre-Fill

Check out our new Self Service portal!

Our new online portal gives better access to:

  • Requesting copies from our office
  • Searching and viewing records
  • Prefilling marriage applications and FFNs/DBAs for sole proprietors
Try out the new Self Service portal

In order to help expedite the licensing process, couples can now pre-fill most of their marriage license information online. Once the form is completed, you both will need to visit our office to complete the application. Here's how to prefill your application:

  1. Click the "Pre-Fill Online Marriage Form" button below.
  2. Select "Marriage License Application (Prefill Form ONLY)" from the options presented.
  3. Fill out all of the information presented to you.
  4. You will then be brought to a confirmation screen to preview your document. This is not an official document! Read over the information to make sure it is correct. Once finished, click "Complete" at the bottom of the page.
  5. Provide your information for our staff to look up your record (name/email/phone) and then click "Place your Order".
  6. Both individuals must appear in our office to complete the application process.
  7. When you visit our office to complete the process, let our staff know you completed a prefill to expedite your visit.

Prefill Online Marriage Form

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