What should we bring for identification?


Except as otherwise provided in this section, before issuing a marriage license, the county clerk shall require each applicant to provide proof of the applicant’s name and age (NRS 122.040-2).

The marriage license must contain the name of each applicant as shown in the documents presented (NRS 122.050).

The following documents are acceptable as proof of age and name (NRS 122.040-2):

  • Driver’s license
  • Driver’s instruction permit
  • State ID card
  • Passport
  • United States military ID
  • United States military dependent ID
  • United States certificate of citizenship or naturalization
  • Permanent or Temporary United States resident ID card.

Additional documents containing the applicant’s age, name, photo, and/or date of birth may be accepted on a case-by-case basis with managerial approval.  If you do not have any of the documents listed above but would like to discuss if what you have will suffice, we recommend speaking with the Marriage & Business Division Operations Manager prior to visiting our office.



Your Marriage License and Certificate will be prepared with your legal name exactly as it appears on the identification presented. It is your responsibility to present the proper identification to have your name reflected as you desire. For example, if you want your Marriage License and Certificate to reflect your full middle name, the identification you present must contain your full middle name - not an initial.

Errors discovered after the ceremony may be corrected upon written request to this office. Marriage records WILL NOT be changed after the ceremony to reflect names that are different from the names on the identification presented at the time the license was issued unless extenuating circumstances exist and proof of the correct name is provided. Corrections of marriage records will be approved on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to a fee. No fee will be charged for corrections due to clerical errors made by County Clerk staff.