Alternative Sentencing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I check in?

    You will be required to report in person to your DAS Officer according to a specific schedule. You are to report in person, as ordered, to DAS between 9:00am and 3:00pm Monday through Thursday and between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm on Friday. If you are not employed or in school you are required to check in no later than noon.  If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to check in.  Failure to report in or check in on time with DAS or is a violation of your probation. 

  • How do I complete the program?

    If DAS recommends termination due to non-compliance, you will be afforded a hearing to contest that recommendation.  If the recommendation is followed, the Court may enforce the full jail time stipulated in your original sentence or revoke your pretrial release status.
    If you feel you have complied with the terms of your probation you can request an early completion of your program.  Ask your Probation Officer or DAS Case Manager about how to start this process.  Successful completion of the program shall be achieved when the terms of DAS contract are met.  DAS will then provide the court with a status report and a recommendation for closure of your case.
  • What if I don't comply?

    You must obey all laws.  You must notify DAS immediately if you have contact with any other law enforcement agency or are arrested or cited.  Keep in mind that all staff members are representative of the courts. Any inappropriate and/or disrespectful behavior will be reported to your supervising officer as well as the Judge assigned to your case.  Failure to follow these conditions or failure to cooperate with DAS can lead to more restrictive supervision, immediate arrest, jail days, additional community service hours, modification of your court conditions, extended length of time you are on probation, a warrant for your arrest and/or revocation of your suspended sentence or pretrial release. 

  • Do I have to go to counseling?

    You are required to attend and cooperate with all counseling and evaluation per the terms of your sentence. You may be required to undergo a substance abuse or mental health evaluation. You will be required to participate in the level of counseling recommended in the evaluation. 
    Unless the court has advised otherwise, it is up to you to choose a certified counselor and make arrangements with them. You must give permission for your counselors to report to DAS by signing the necessary release forms. You are required to pay your counselor as agreed. You cannot complete the terms of your court conditions until you have finished your required counseling and paid in full all associated fees.
  • Will I be required to submit a drug test?

    It is your responsibility to prove that you are refraining from the use of alcohol and drugs. If ordered as a condition of your suspended sentence or pretrial release, you must agree to submit to alcohol and drug testing. You will be required to test daily or randomly.  If required, you will sign up for testing through Sober 24. Failure to appear for scheduled tests or to provide a sample for testing is a violation of your probation.
    If you use drugs or drink alcohol while in the program, you must report it to DAS or Sober 24.  Relapse is a violation of the terms of your suspended sentence or pretrial release.  In order to continue with the program, you must demonstrate a sincere effort to address drug and alcohol problems through counseling, lifestyle changes, and participation in self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Rational Recovery or church-based programs.
    You must submit yourself to random search and seizure for alcohol and/or controlled substances, by any peace officer, at any time, day or night, without a search warrant.
  • Do I have to tell you where I work?

    Yes, you are required to show proof of employment, which must be verified by paycheck stub and/or contact with your employer. It is your responsibility to notify DAS of changes in work location, hours or employer.

  • Will I have to pay fees?

    As a participant in the program, you will be required to pay monthly supervision fees to DAS and/or drug and alcohol testing fees to Sober 24.
    Testing fees are due at the time of testing. If you do not pay, you may be turned away, which will be considered a missed test. Missed tests are a violation of your probation, which may result in your arrest.  The fees for probation supervision and testing vary depending on which court or agency you are ordered to test for.  Generally, there is a one-time, $25 Administrative Assessment Fee; monthly Probation Supervision Fees are $40; and testing fees are anywhere from $5 to $25 per test.  Lab confirmation fees are $25.
  • Will you come to my house?

    While on probation, you must submit yourself, your residence, any vehicle, and any property under your control to random search and seizure for alcohol and/or controlled substances, by any peace officer, at any time, day or night, without a search warrant.
    If you own a firearm and/or there are any weapons located on the premises where officers may visit, you must notify DAS immediately.  If you fail to do so and a weapon is found during a search of your residence, you may be treated as a possible threat or officer safety hazard.  All persons charged with Domestic Battery or Battery and all persons currently listed as a Defendant (or Respondent) on any type of protection order are not permitted to possess a firearm. 
    If you have dogs at your place of residency, you must notify DAS and provide information regarding the dogs.  You may be asked to secure your dogs while officers are visiting.   If you are residing with other people such as family, friends or roommates, it is your responsibility to advise them that the residence is subject to search and seizure whether you are on the lease or not.
  • Can I take prescription medication?

    If you take any prescription medication, you must have the physician who wrote your prescription complete the MEDICATION VERIFICATION LETTER enclosed in your packet.  You will need to provide proof of prescribed medication. Taking a prescription that is not intended for you is illegal. If you take over-the-counter medication, it is your responsibility to make sure that won’t produce a positive drug test. Call your pharmacist for more information.
    Do not take any medications or other items that may create a positive test for alcohol.  Some of these are mouthwash, cold medicine, cooking sherry, red wine vinegar, binaca, energy drinks, and mini thins.
  • What if I miss my check-in?

    If you are unable to check in on your scheduled date and/or time, you must call the office immediately and bring proof of the reason you missed your check-in to DAS on the next required check in day.
  • Do I have to tell you where I live?

    You must have a verifiable physical address or be willing to work with your DAS Officer or Case Manager to acquire stable housing in order to participate in the program.  You must have a phone number or contact phone number where DAS can reach you.  You must immediately notify DAS of any change in residence or phone number.  You must obtain permission in advance before considering moving to another county. 

  • Am I required to have a job?

    Employment may be a requirement for your supervision.  If you do not obtain and maintain employment, you may be assigned to serve community service. Employment must be verified by paycheck stub and/or contact with your employer.   It is your responsibility to notify DAS of changes in work location, hours or employer.  If you are disabled or cannot work for any reason or are a full time student, you must inform DAS.

  • Can I go on vacation or travel?

    You must receive written permission from DAS when leaving Washoe County for any reason.  If approved, you will be required to provide proof of travel, such as fuel receipts, airline tickets, and hotel receipts.

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »