Our Mission


The mission of the Department of Alternative Sentencing (DAS) is to increase safety in the community by reducing recidivism among criminal offenders, through a rehabilitative environment that includes accountability for offenses, opportunities for gaining and applying life skills, and sanctions for regressive behaviors.


  • Reduce the revolving door syndrome in the criminal justice system
  • Provide guidance and structure to those who are at risk of re-arrest and incarceration.
  • Coordinate cases in a sometimes very confusing multi-jurisdictional environment
  • Provide information, resources and education to probationers sentenced to the program in an effort to modify their behavior
  • Strive to assist probationers in making positive changes in their lives
  • Create a safer environment for our community and future generations
  • Reduce the burden of public services to those who are capable of providing for themselves through guidance and structure
  • Provide the best service possible to the community