Probation Supervision

The following is a list of the common possible requirements, depending on court orders and individual needs based on a risk and need assessment.  Failing to comply with court orders or program requirements may result in more stringent supervision, extended term of probation, community service, a bench warrant being issued, incarceration, or revocation of the suspended sentence.

Probation is a condition of a suspended sentence and defendants must be under court order to participate.  

Participants must complete an orientation which includes an explanation of the court conditions / probation / testing requirements.

drug testing
  • Personal check-ins are required on a set schedule, which include random alcohol / drug tests at our Sober 24 lab facility.
  • Participants are required to pay monthly supervision fees and/or testing at Sober 24
  • Individuals on DAS Supervision are subject to search and seizure and officers conduct random visits to their homes and places of employment.

Some Court Conditions may include:​

  • Payment of all court-ordered fines, fees, and restitution are required.
  • Counseling for domestic violence cases or driving under the influences cases is usually required. A list of court approved counselors can be found on our Forms page.
  • Electronic monitoring is sometimes required.   
  • Victim Impact Panels are often ordered by the court. You can get information on this through the DMV.
  • Community Service hours. A list of possible sites can be found on our Forms page.