Curing your Ballot

For any voter contacted by the Registrar's Office or notified otherwise about a challenge placed upon their ballot, please follow one of the options below to cure your vote.


Option 1: Mobile Device

1. Scan the QR Code Below or find it on the Secretary of State's Website.

2. Follow the steps provided.

3. When prompted, use the camera on your mobile device to take and submit a photo of your identification.

Washoe QR Code for Signature Verification

Standard messaging rates apply. You will receive only one message.

Must be received before the 6th day after Election Day by 5pm.


Option 2: Provide Copy of ID and filled out form.

1. Complete and sign the Signature Cure Affidavit.

2. Follow the instructions in Step 4 to provide a copy of your ID.

3. Return the Signature Cure Affidavit and a copy of your ID to Washoe County in-person or by email, fax, or mail. *


Option 3: Answer Challenge Questions over the Phone

1. Dial (775) 328-3670 for the Washoe County Registar of Voters office.*

2. Discuss with our operator that you are seeking to cure your challenged ballot.

3. After being redirected, you'll be asked to answer 3 challenge questions over the phone to confirm your identity. This includes the last 4 digits of your SSN, your place of birth, and your date of birth.


*Verifying phone call must be received before the 6th day after Election Day by 5pm. Postmarks do not count.
*Email, fax, or mail must be received before the 6th day after Election Day by 5pm. Postmarks do not count.



If you are submitting the affidavit to cure your ballot, you must complete, sign, and return the Signature Cure Affidavit before the 6th day after Election Day by 5pm. Please note that you will also be required to return a photocopy of your identification OR answer all the challenge questions in Step 5 of the attached Signature Cure Affidavit.

If you indicate that you have not voted a ballot, or if you fail to return the attached affidavit, your ballot may not be counted. If your ballot contained a signature that was not verifiable, and you do not affirm on the attached affidavit that you voted a ballot, we may refer this discrepancy to law enforcement for investigation to ensure that no other voted your mail ballot.

If you have questions, please contact our office at (775) 328-3670 or by email at